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Thursday, August 02, 2007

ESPN notices track

The Worldwide Leader in Self-Promotion and Endless Talking Heads has an article up on the world's greatest sport. Actually, it's an article in the new edition of ESPN Magazine, and more specifically it's about Bernard Lagat.

It's a good article, but in general it's hard for me to complement ESPN these days. The cable channel basically does not acknowledge track's existence, and the magazine does so only about once or twice a year.

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BitterTrackGuy said...

Fancy Schmancy new blog design! :-)

Once upon a time, ESPN actually was the worldwide leader in sports. You'd think a sports-only organization would find time for track and field. So, as a result, if we want news and analysis, we have to get it two months late from T&FN. Is it just me or is T&FN way behind the curve these days compared to, oh, say, anything else? They are still publishing like it's 1985.