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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Osaka High Hurdle Predictions

IAAF Hurdles Preview


Gold - Liu Xiang (China). Has lost only once this year and has put up the best series of marks.

Silver - Dayron Robles (Cuba). If you went purely by marks on the world list, you'd have to pick him for third. I think he's a better hurdler than Trammell, though.

Bronze - Terrence Trammell (USA).


Gold - Michelle Perry (USA). Pretty clear-cut here; Perry has lost just twice this year.

Silver - Susanna Kallur (Sweden). Only once this year has she been beaten by anyone but Perry.

Bronze - Lolo Jones (USA). Consistently the next best after these two.

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BitterTrackGuy said...

Whither Ginny Powell? Her crash was bad but she appeared to be fine walking off the track afterward. One hopes she doesn't get all crazy like Felicien did after her fall.