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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Worlds Predictions

We're now in a bit of a dead time before the World Championships begin on August 25. I'll throw my hat into the prediction ring on a day-by-day basis.

Today I'll call the 100 meters for men and women.

IAAF Sprints Preview

Gold - Tyson Gay (USA). When I saw him in person, the level of dominance was ridiculous. Even though he doesn't look quite in the same form now, no one else has moved up even to his "bad day" level.

Silver - Asafa Powell (Jamaica). Hasn't been beaten this season in the 100 meters.

Bronze - Derrick Atkins (Bahamas). Has lost to each of the two above but no one else.


Gold - Torri Edwards (USA). This one is a bit harder to call. Edwards has lost to Cambell but not lately (except for a sound thrashing at 200 meters in London last week). Edwards has lost to no one else.

Silver - Veronica Campbell (Jamaica). Has lost to no one but Edwards.

Bronze -A tough call. Me'Lisa Barber (USA) appears to be the world's third-best right now, but she didn't make the USA team. Kim Gevaert (Belgium) is up there but inconsistent. Lauryn Williams (USA) is a past big-time champ but not running particularly well either. I'm going out on a limb and picking Carmelita Jeter (USA) based on three recent strong showings.

EDIT: After taking a second look at things, I've changed my mind.
Gold - Campbell

Silver - Edwards

Bronze - I'm really going out on a limb and picking Tezzhan Naimova (Bulgaria). Provided, of course, that she's not caught up in the same problems as other top Bulgarian women.


Richard said...

Are you kidding me! Gay cannot and will not beat powell. He has never done so and it will not happen this year. Asafa Powell has taken it easy up untill now. Dont forget that he has run 9.77 three times and Gay is still yet to go there.

Richard said...

Again, Veronica will beat Edwards. Yes, Veronica might not have the best start, but she has the best top-end speed in the world. Honestly, I'm not impressed by Edwards, I think she is not as consistently good as she should be...Veronica has the best set of times this year